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Go For Baroque

Go For Baroque was performed at the Performance Garage in Philadelphia on Sunday, May 11. The show featured new choreography by Christopher Fleming and Eliska Vitanovska-Mayer to Baroque Era music. 


"Vivaldi Opus 2"

Choreographed by: Christopher Fleming

Music by: Antonio Vivaldi


Photo by: Bicking Photography

BalletFleming dancers Amanda Hill and Stephaen Hood

Photo by Bicking Photograhy

BalletFleming Dancers Jessica Frazier and Nicholas Peregrino


"Baroque Suite"

Choreography by: Eliska Vitanovska-Mayer

Music by: Frantisek Ignac Tuma

Daydreaming in the baroque gardens where sculptures of nymphs, gods, and fauns dance, play, and weave never-ending stories of seduction and love. 

Photo by: Bicking Photography


Choreography by: Christohper Fleming

Music by: Arcangelo Corelli


 Photo by: Bicking Photography

BalletFleming Dancers Brenna Housman with Nicholas Peregrino, Timothy Sloan, and Matthew Stern


BalletFleming dancers Fallon Gannon, Tricia Koch, and Jenelle Speller