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Gaspar Ballet: A Pirate Fantasy

Gaspar Ballet: A Pirate Fantasy is an action packed, original ballet created by Christopher Fleming for the Gaspar Productions Foundation, Inc. in Clearwater, FL. 


Long ago in the provence of Florida, inside the safety of one of the largest natural bays, sat the beautiful city of Tampa. Now understand, Tampa Bay was a bustling seaport with a thriving trade route between Florida, Havana and the Kingdom of Spain. Mind you the seaport and surrounding areas were not without danger. For during this time, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico were rife with unscrupulous pirates, who preyed on unsuspecting merchants both on land and sea. It was not uncommon for these bold thieves to sack the cities of the Gulf, pillaging valuable treasures of all kinds. 

The Viceroy of Tampa, Don Jose, was a harsh but fair man. There he governed with his beautiful wife Alexandra by his side. Born to them was a handsome son whom they adored. As fate would have it, when their son was three years of age, the city was attacked by the dreaded pirates. It was on that ill-fated day that the son of the Viceroy was taken as treasure. 

Our story begins twenty years later. By this time, Don Jose's hatred of pirates has grownby leaps and bounds. During this same period a new Pirate King, Jose Gaspar, has come to power. The struggle rages between the militia, who protect the citizens, and the pirates, who try to take power and treasures. Unbeknownst to both the Viceroy and the Pirate King, Jose Gaspar is the long ago kidnapped son of the Viceroy. 


Gaspar Ballet: A Pirate Ballet was last performed January 29, 2012 at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa Bay, FL.